[Mono-dev] Array.Copy endian issue?

Bassam Tabbara bassam at symform.com
Thu Jan 30 00:27:09 UTC 2014

A little more details. If I remove the FastCopy call in Array.Copy I am unable to reproduce this.

                        // if (FastCopy (sourceArray, sourceIndex, destinationArray, destinationIndex, length))
                        //       return;

Attached is a test case but it needs to be run on a ARM device with the same version of Linux. Happy to provide access to a box if needed.

I’ll open a Xamarin bug too.


On Jan 29, 2014, at 3:53 PM, Bassam Tabbara <bassam at symform.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I’m chasing a bug while parsing the machine.config XML file, and I’ve narrowed it down to Array.Copy performing the wrong copy. Here’s an example:
> before copy '<descript'
> after copy '< edcsirt'
> The buffer is altered after its copied. This seems to happen only on newer versions of linux (3.4.6) on an armv5tel device. When running linux 2.6 I don’t see this.
> Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
> Thanks!
> Bassam
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