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Fri May 2 09:16:48 UTC 2014

Any help would be great :-)

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> Date: May 1, 2014 at 11:02:27 PM HST
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> Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] Embedded mono using monomac classes
> I found out that the NSView.cs class does not define a constructor... 
> So how does NSView work when using without embedding?
> // // Support code for NSView 
> // using System; namespace MonoMac.AppKit { 
>  public partial class NSView { 
>       object __mt_tracking_var; 
>     } 
>  }
> Says it's a partial class... Where is the rest of the class... I am assuming that is where
> The constructor bindings are? 
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>> On May 1, 2014, at 4:12 PM, Mackey Kinard <MackeyK24 at Yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I am trying to make a monomac library project for use in an embedded mono application.
>> I use a normal monomac library project which has a reference to monomac assembly.
>> Since I'm using from an c++ application the NSApplicationMain has already been called
>> For the app by the time the library is used. So I just have an init function, in that init function
>> I just do a NSApplication.Init so the thread context is setup for c# API for monomac...
>> Things like NSView and NSColor...
>> Things work great if I pass an intptr from c++ to construct a class... I.e
>> NSColor blk = new NSColor(ptr-from-c++);
>> blk.ToString() work as expected...
>> But 
>> NSColor blk = NSColor.Black;
>> Errors with: No constructor found for MonoMac.AppKit.NSView::.ctor(System.IntPtr)
>> It's like that with any class that I don't actually construct with the native intptr...
>> Again this is an embedded application.
>> My question is ... Is there some kind of "init bindings" that I need to implement since
>> I am using from embedded app instead of regular monomac app.
>> Or is there a main .net bindings mechanism that I need to kick off, that the normal non
>> Embedded useage of monomac does.
>> Do I have to got and  manually re-make all the objective -c bindings for the monomac API
>> Because I am using embedded ... That would suck.
>> Any help or explanations on using the c# API for monomac from and embedded application.
>> I would hate to have to use c++ code to create instances of object in native code just to
>> Pass back a pointer to managed code that I could the do something like:
>> NSView vw = new NSView(native-pointer);
>> vw.ToString() work fine this way
>> As of now that is the only way I can create a view with code...
>> Note: I was using NSColor before for example... All classes constructors are missing when embedding
>> For some reason the .net constructors for the API are not available at runtime (compiles just fine) when embedding mono... Unless I am missing some kind of binding init function.
>> Thanks for any info.
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