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Ludovic Henry (XAMARIN) luhenry at microsoft.com
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He future of the Mono framework is bright and long! It’s in our core business to support the different platforms that we support today (macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox, FreeBSD, Haiku, etc.), an. d we are not planning to drop support for any of these platforms any time soon. We are even currently adding support for WebAssembly to be able to run .NET on the Web.

.NET Core and Mono complement each other with Mono going to places where .NET Core doesn’t go. Also, Mono supports different capabilities than .NET Core does and so has different advantages. If you still want to be able to target both runtimes, you should target .NET Standard which is the common bits between and the .NET runtimes (.NET Fx, .NET Core, Mono and .NET Native).

I hope this help, and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to task.

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Subject: [Mono-dev] Future of mono

Hi all,

Am just curious to know what's the future of mono framework.are we geting in actively contribution in mono.

Questions come into my mind when I have read somewhere that .net core would eventually replace mono framework.

If that's the case in near future...what would migration plan from mono to .net core?


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