[Mono-docs-list] Ideas for boosting the documentation effort

Gustavo Ramos eureko@grmexico.com.mx
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:07:01 -0600

Hello John,

> Anyone interested in documentation should not be scared with asking on
> this list how to get involved.  In fact, please do ask so we can help
> interested people.  I would love to get more people involved.

Okay, I'd love it, too. I'm using monodoc to add content, get some other
more complete, etc. I have some things done, but I'm not sure where
monodoc is saving the patches. I want the patches because the monodoc
upload service is not working (communications error). While this is
fixed, I don't want to loose the control of where my job are,  so i am
at least able to post the patch to the list. Don't bother, I'll dig the
monodoc sources, and if can't find anything, I'll ask for help.

> I am not sure why you think this is not done already.  Everything is
> reviewed and we do coordinate with Gtk#.  Perhaps because it has not
> been discussed on this list it is not obvious that this happens.

Am not sure, either :-\  It's clear that some of my appreciations are
not very clear from "outside".

> > 3) Things in the code that helps the documentation. In addition to the
> > [TODO] pseudo-tag/attribute, a tag/attribute for saying who is currently
> > responsible for that page (valid for all docs). This should be used when
> > someone picks a doc and say: I'll do it. The tag should say when the
> > contributor picked up the item and when is the "soft-deadline". This
> > soft deadline should not be there for pressure or anything like that,
> > rather for finding abandoned docs, and to let the newbie know if a
> > [TODO] item is already taken. These tags should help to keep the
> > maintainability of the whole thing.
> > 
> There is gtk-sharp/doc/en/Gtk/TODO which shows unclaimed and
> undocumented members of Gtk.  Anything that someone has not claimed
> there is available for someone to work on.  There is also the
> 'maintainer' attribute in the docs themselves for completed docs. 

Oh, my intentions about this were that the name of the writer could
appear in monodoc itself, as well as the date of pick-up and the such.
Having this info on each doc in the monodoc interface should help a lot
--talking about the productivity of the writer--, but I agree in that
it's not essential. However is a step forward in automating the tracking
of docs.

> As I said earlier I would love more people to get involved with the
> documentation.  Anyone interested that needs some help getting started
> should post here, join #mono on irc.gimp.org, or even contact me
> directly and let us know what you need to get started.

Okay John, write me down :-)  I'm interested in doing some gtk# docs,
but as I'm not a gtk+ expert (by far), I'd like to integrate a lot of
things scattered out there on the net. The ecma and ms stuff could be
done later, as there are a lot of info out there on it, so my vote for
the Mono specific things.

Gustavo Ramos