[Mono-docs-list] Gtk# docs and the updater

Mike Kestner mkestner@ximian.com
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 23:19:20 -0600

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 22:51, Hector E. Gomez Morales wrote:
> John: Don't worry I will take care of update.exe and of the updating of
> the API docs.
> Mike: I see that you have updated pretty much all the Gtk# docs today, I
> will take care of the updater so if you want that the updater is run
> send me a email and will deal with that.

I wrote some simple XPath tools to perform the move of all the
EventHandlers and EventArgs from the *Sharp namespaces into the base
namespaces.  There is still a bunch of API that has changed though that
I didn't fix.

> > Also, lots of things need to be removed from the *Sharp namespaces, and
> > the StudlyCaps-ing of fields may need a small one off tool, etc.

The *Sharp namespaces are accurate now as far as what's left in them. 
We're down to GLibSharp and GtkSharp, and I'll probably work on
eliminating that public API after the 0.17 release.

The StudCaps struct field API has not been updated in the docs though. 
I don't know if the current monodoc updater will preserve any current
documentation for this change, though.  So it may be something better
suited to another XPath tool.  Not sure about that though.  Maybe duncan
or somebody more familiar with the updater can comment on that.  I need
to know soon though, because I want to release 0.17 tomorrow, and I want
the docs to reflect the current API if possible.

Mike Kestner <mkestner@ximian.com>