[Mono-gc-list] Copying or Mark-Compact collector?

Fernando Diaz fdiaz@igalia.com
12 Aug 2003 12:38:30 +0200

El mar, 12 de 08 de 2003 a las 12:08, Dick Porter escribi=F3:
> Are you writing us a new gc?

I'm working at this.

> Previously we've studied the ORP garbage collection libraries.  We were
> going to incorporate that code into mono, but it being c++ made that too
> difficult without lots of rewriting.  The ORP hackers were going to
> reimplement in C, but we haven't heard from them since then, and we used
> the Boehm libgc as an interim measure.

The Boehm it's a good GC but it is very conservative and i think that
has a lot of unnecessary things that make the system heavier,

> The ORP collector had several algorithms, but the most interesting one
> from our point of view was the incremental copying one.  As far as I
> know, the gc in the ms runtime uses this technique too.

In the articles about the GC collector of ms:
i have read that de .NET GC is a generational Mark-Compact collector.
They say nothing about if it is incremental or non incremental.

Why do you want an incremental collector? I think that a non incremental
collector will be more simple and efficient that an incremental one.

Give me your opinion please.


Fernando Diaz <fdiaz@igalia.com>