[Mono-gc-list] Compacting GC (again)

Ciprian Mustiata ciprian.mustiata at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 10:13:46 EST 2008


Great achievements with the Linear IL runtime and Mono.SIMD optimizations.
The linked-list allocators as Visual C++'s runtime new and delete works for
a large amount of small objects (the worse case anyway for a C++ program)
around 10-40 times slower than the GC allocation in C#. Anyway, mono
allocations/deallocations took (again in my microbenchmarks) around of the
speed of C++. I've happily read about the 2.2+ versions will try to include
the compacting GC.

The question is: for microbenchmarks with small objects, that will be the
main thing that will be tested when someone will use the CompactingGC (and
for typical desktop programs that do processing, like a XML processing logic
or ASP.NET applications), what should be the typical gain on mater of speed?
Can be enabled right now to test it from SVN code?

Best achievements forward in Mono's future!
Ciprian Mustiata
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