[Mono-list] Some news about a CORBA ORB implementation for.Net framework

Michael Meeks michael@ximian.com
26 Sep 2002 10:47:51 +0100

Hi Miguel,

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 23:42, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Forcing the C model that ORBit has into a C# version of CORBA will just
> lead to a horrible beast as the result.

	Well - it would be a horrible beast if you had to wrap the generated C
idl, and compile that etc. etc. - which sucks. Also would not let you do
arbitrary method invocation.

	I was not proposing that; I'm proposing interfacing at the guts level
of ORBit2 which is the C ABI level.

	I'm assuming here that you have a set of methods that will convert a C#
'struct' to an equivalent C layout structure ? [ and VV. ] that's the
only slightly difficult thing to get right.

	Then you do:

	args[0] = &first_arg;
	args[1] = &second_arg;
	ORBit2_invoke_stub (obj, IMethod_data, &ret, args, NULL, ev);

	And it all just happens. [ you get the IMethod_data pointer from a type
library ]. Of course, this has to be compiled into stubs / skels on the
Mono side - sadly; but it's possible to do fully generically.

	Thus - no horrors, no inefficiency, indeed - I imagine a dramatic
efficiency win over re-writing the underlying ORB in C#.

>   You might be able to leverage some "bits" like the IIOP encoding,
> but it is doubtful how useful that really is.

	There is no point in re-using some bits, unless you do the above. Doing
it like this is so powerful because the 'obj' reference you got passed -
_might_ be implemented in eg. Python - in the current process, and all
that the 'invoke_stub' does, is pass these args straight to the
(virtual) de-marshaller in the python binding, resulting in an extremely
fast cross language in-proc method invocation.

> The in-proc features are cool, but it would need things to be
> implemented with the ORBit model in mind, and not with a C# mind set. 

	Clearly the above is a naked bridging model, implemented in C; if you
want to built it on the IByteStream, IDoubleSerializer,
ICouldPutAnotherObjectHereSoIDid, IMethodInvocationMarshaller etc. ;-)
then - yes, it's not going to fit into the C# model. All of that is
implemented in the ORB, in C.

	Obviously, writing the whole thing in C# will make it marginally more
portable; at least to the extent that you avoid making Gnome more
portable, at the cost of making Mono more portable - a choice of dubious
merit IMHO.

	Anyway; since it seems the die is cast, I look forward to contrasting
C#-ORB's performance with that of ORBit2 and various scripting bindins;
particularly the in-proc performance.



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