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A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Tue, 02 Dec 2003 13:43:02 -0200

>From: Hugues Lismonde <h.li@skynet.be>
>Having discussed this question within the (small) company I work for, here 
>is a resume of our though about MSMQ and Indigo.
>On Windows platforms, duplicating System.Messaging/MSMQ to snap in MSMQ 
>2.0/3.0 Services should be possible, but on others platforms, according to 
>Microsoft Communications Protocol Program ( 
>http://members.microsoft.com/consent/Info/Default.aspx ) and perhaps 
>patents, I presume that some legal aspects will have to be explored before 
>implementing the Message Queuing Protocols suite (including SOAP Reliable 
>Messaging Protocol aka SRMP).

Just to clarify a bit: MonoQLE is a project to build a backend for the 
classes in the System.Messaging namespace, not a snap in replacement for 
MSMQ. It is not intended to interoperate at any level with MSMQ. The idea is 
for anyone interested deploy MonoQLE either in Windows or Linux, and run 
your queues thru it.

Security issues may complicate the picture but probably we will opt to use 
the LDAP based mono implementation of DirectoryServices, so that no one 
would have to duplicate/migrate the whole ActiveDirectory forests to 
administer MonoQLE permissions.

>As the sole purpose is to write interoperable software under Sect. 1201 (f) 
>Reverse Engineering exception of the DMCA, the gate is perhaps not closed, 
>but it should be asked to a legal expert.

I think that DMCA doesn't enter the picture in the MonoQLE project. DMCA is 
something the US legislators will hopefully amend before it's too late... 
But in pratical terms interoperation with MSMQ is not a goal.

>According to Mono Roadmap (http://www.go-mono.com/mono-roadmap.html), WSE 
>will be the way to go. The future release of WSE before Indigo (perhaps 
>3.0) should support WS-ReliableMessaging ( 
>http://www.dynamic-cast.com/mt-archives/000024.html ). There again rights 
>and licenses about WS-ReliableMessaging should be checked twice before.

Unfortunate, but I think that is why MS/IBM created WSI, first of all, 
instead of continuing WebServices standardization inside W3C: to be able to 
embed royalty-earning patents inside of the WS "standards".

>Similar to the great approach of Mono.Data.ProviderFactory, such modularity 
>could also be adopted to support different Reliable Messaging semantics ( 
>http://xml.coverpages.org/reliableMessaging.html ). We can already think 
>about supporting http://www.freebxml.org/ and/or 

That was the plan for System.Messaging from the start, so that MonoQLE 
client/daemon pair would be just the default backend, but that you could 
plug any other compatible client (like the behaviour you have in Java's 

Hoping that the clarifications were good enoughj..

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