[Mono-list] Mono 0.29 Installer for Mac OS X!

Hugues Lismonde h.li@skynet.be
Fri, 5 Dec 2003 19:36:10 +0100

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First, concerning the package:
It has installed seamlessly on my box, but it seems that some hardcoded  
path are in the way.
alita:~ ch3$ mcs --version
/usr/local/bin/mcs: line 2: /opt/local/bin/mint: No such file or  
alita:~ ch3$ mint --version
dyld: mint can't open library: /opt/local/lib/libgthread-2.0.0.dylib   
(No such file or directory, errno = 2)
Trace/BPT trap
Since it's installed in /usr/local, shouldn't it look for dependencies  
in the same base directory?

Now for the "Mono.Framework" for OSX, I would be glad to give a hand  
for this project, at least as much as I can.
I have experience in .NET/C#, at least on Windows, C/C++ on Unix  
(mostly Linux but BSD should be ok).
My knowledge of Cocoa and other OSX frameworks is null (got a Mac for  
only 2 weeks) but I'm willing to learn.
I can also do web development (asp.net, php, ...)

Just tell me.

Hugues Lismonde <h.li@skynet.be>

On 05 Dec 2003, at 04:37, Dave Morford wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2003, at 4:32 PM, Markus W. Weissmann wrote:
>> we're just about creating a Portfile for Darwinports  
>> <darwinports.opendarwin.org>
>> for Mono; as soon as the vm will work (mint & mcs are already working  
>> here),
>> I'll put in into our repository;
>> perhaps someone more involved in Mono on OS-X likes to be the port  
>> maintainer...?
>> (eventually the fink folks would like a mono package, too?)
> All,
> Here is a .pkg installer for Mono 0.29:  
> http://www.morford.org/mono/mono-0.29.pkg.zip
> A couple things:
> 1. Built with GCC 3.3 on Panther 10.3.1 with DarwinPorts using glib  
> 2.2.4 and dependents and pkgconfig 0.15. The BSD Subsystem is  
> required, which is installed by default in 10.3.
> 2. The default install path for the .pkg is /usr/local. You can  
> install the files anywhere you want by choosing to customize the  
> install path. You can also "Show Package Contents"  from Finder and go  
> into the Contents folder and grab the .gz of the files.
> 3. You'll need glib2 and dependents installed, either from DarwinPorts  
> or Fink. The DPorts Portfile for glib2 contains a fairly readable  
> listing of the glib2 dependencies:
> http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/darwinports/dports/devel/glib2/ 
> Portfile
> 4. If anyone has hosting space for this installer, perhaps on  
> go-mono.com or opendarwin.org, please let me know.
> 5. The JIT Engine for PPC is definitely coming along and on that  
> congrats! mint works really well now and I've not encountered any  
> issues yet compiling and running small to medium size assemblies with  
> it. I've not had time to test on Darwin 7 on x86.
> 6. I've got a PortFile almost working for 0.29 and I had GTK# 0.14  
> working through X11 for a very very very simple test but I'll  
> definitely need more time to work out a PortFile for that and, with  
> mint, it runs slow. Like Markus I think the PPC JIT should be closer  
> to complete before committing it into DPorts but perhaps as a  
> development port or with an unstable marker.
> 7. No GC. :( I'd like to be able to figure this out and see if it is  
> even a problem now on 10.3. A good overview of all the new  
> capabilities in OS X v.3, including commands and libs from FreeBSD 5,  
> GCC 3.3, pthread signaling, I/O, aio_* updates, System V poll system  
> calls and more of the many updates, additions and changes can be found  
> at the following:
> http://www.apple.com/macosx/pdf/Panther_Unix_TB_10082003.pdf
> http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/unix/
> I would like to work out providing a "Mono.framework" for OS X. If  
> anyone is interested in kicking off a Mono OS X hacking subproject to  
> provide goodies like Xcode project templates, a Mono.framework bundle,  
> PKG/DMG installers and Cocoa and other framework interop layer  
> assemblies, send me mail so we can discuss needs, goals, a roadmap and  
> project space and setup a mail list. We would hackers of all types,  
> *NIX, Mac, .NET, etc so we can cover all the technical bases.
> Have Fun!
> .dpm
> Dave Morford
> dave@morford.org
> http://www.morford.org/
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