[Mono-list] compiling mono on windows

bobjohnson11@comcast.net bobjohnson11@comcast.net
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 21:06:37 +0000

I have two quick questions about compiling mono for windows. I have set up all of the supporting files to compile under cygwin but my compile keeps giving me error messages on the file mono-hash.h under "mono/utils". The first message I can see says:

(mono-hash.h:43: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype)

Is there any particular switch I am supposed to use when I run config so the code in the utils directory will compile? I am also interested in trying to create a windows build of mono.exe using Bloodshed Dev-C/C++. Which files should I look at to find how mono.exe is built (config or make)?

Thanks for your time