[Mono-list] Cygwin & Mono Installation

Aaron Bull aaron@ragingit.com
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:48:34 +1000

G'day All,

I'm having grief compiling mono from source. I have done the following on 2
separate machine and both fail.

- Installed a fresh & complete copy of cygwin

- Followed the instructions from

- I receive various errors  (libraries missing, header files missing etc)
and then try the troubleshooting suggestions, but still receive similar

Does anyone want to work with me, maybe outside this list, via
email/messenger, and work through the instructions on setting this up, and
then maybe contributing the results back into the mono-beginning-windows web
page for others to benefit. Unless I'm a once off exception who can't get it
to install, there's no need to update the world with the findings, but help
is very much welcomed.