[Mono-list] mscorlib vs corlib in dissassembled IL

Mark Easton measton@tebiki.co.uk
Fri, 4 Jul 2003 10:54:13 +0100

Having just disassembled a simple assembly I've noticed that the IL
references mscorlib in the class declaration but corlib within the
class' constructor.

.class private auto ansi beforefieldinit BeautifulWoman
  	extends [mscorlib]System.Object

    // method line 1
    .method public hidebysig  specialname  rtspecialname 
           instance default void .ctor()  cil managed 
        // Method begins at RVA 0x20ec
	// Code size 7 (0x7)
	.maxstack 8
	IL_0000: ldarg.0 
	IL_0001: call instance void valuetype
	IL_0006: ret 
    } // end of method BeautifulWoman::instance default void .ctor()

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on here or am I seeing