[Mono-list] How do you debug?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Jul 2003 19:16:52 -0400


> On the other hand 20,000 lines of someone elses code is a lot to grapple with 
> when porting from one OS to another and having a peak at code flow and 
> variable values can save masses of time. I'm only using Kate as my editor as 
> well, so I already don't have Intellisense, context sensitive help, or the 
> "goto definition" function I love so much. Still, progress is incredibly 
> rapid, due mainly I'd say to two things:
> 1. The guys (work programming team who wrote the software I am about to 
> convert) did a top notch job on the coding.
> 2. You and the Mono team have done an incredible job matching the API with the 
> MS API. I have 17,000 lines already compiled and at least mostly working in 1 
> day and with only 4 lines of code changed (damn back slashes).
> I'm pretty hopeful I can get the code across, and even get it performing well 
> too...now I gotta try and see if I can convince the company to Open Source it 
> once I have done the conversion *sigh*. It's a very neat content management 
> system BTW.

Good luck to you on that project;   As I said, I really wish we were
there already with the debugger, but it can get tricky.

I would love to hear about this commercial Content Management system
once it runs with Mono, it would be nice to see how many changes were required.