[Mono-list] remoting mono with MS' CLR?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
05 Jul 2003 15:57:03 -0400


> >The TcpChannel and the BinaryFormatter is (or should be) compatible with
> >MS.NET. However, some classes from the library may have a different binary
> >representation, because they may have a different internal data structure,
> >so for example you won't be able to exchange a Hastable object between Mono
> >and MS.NET. It should not be a problem if you are using primitive types,
> >arrays or your own classes. In any case, could you post a test case?
> I have been thinking about this issue for some time now, and the more I
> think about it, the more of a serious issue it seems to be. Collection
> types are very commonly used, and if they are not compatible with remoting
> between MS .NET and mono, an entire section of the market (so to say) will
> be unavailable.

Notice that interop with TcpChannel/BinaryFormatter are not even
guaranteed across different versions of the .NET Framework;  So you
might want to look into a solution that has such guarantees.

One option is to use Web Services;  Another is to use Remoting.Corba.