[Mono-list] How do you debug?

Brian Deacon brian@navelplace.com
05 Jul 2003 19:12:00 -0700

> Ok, I dropped in more test code again, like so:
> which produced the following results:
> Ord=2, Value=System.Int32
> Ord=1, Value=System.Int32
> Ord=2, Value=int
> Ord=1, Value=int
> So it appears as if what is coming back from GetOrdinal is a System.Int32, but 
> GetDataTypeName seems to think of it as an Int. In any case, a conversion 
> from System.Int32 or an Int to an Int should not cause any issues. So, a 
> quick check of other things to go wrong has led to the actual culprit.

I'm probably mistaken, but I thought "int" wasn't a "real" type, but
rather the C# keyword to the System.Int32 type.  Or is System.Int32 what
an int turns into when you box it?