[Mono-list] Installing mono 0.25 with mono-build.sh

Jason Uppenborn jasonu@uppenbornconsulting.com
06 Jul 2003 01:03:03 -0600


I just initiated myself with Mono by installing 0.25. It wasn't quite as
easy as just running mono-build.sh, but at least I managed to get the
hello.cs example from the website to compile and run. For others who may
benefit, here is a very short run-down of what I did:

1. Downloaded mono-build.sh from near the bottom of the download page
and follow the instructions for using it. (As per instructions, I used
~/mono for my installation directory.)

2. Downloaded "Mono Runtime" from the top of the download page and
unzipped them into a temporary directory (~/src)

3. cp ~/src/mono-0.25/runtime/*.exe ~/mono/install/bin

4. cp ~/src/mono-0.25/runtime/*.dll ~/mono/install/lib

I'm sure there is a better way of doing it, but I was unable to find
documentation describing that way.

I tried to install the rpms for Mandrake 9.1, but I suffered from
dependency issues which I would guess are due to the fact that I'm only
using 9.0.

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.