[Mono-list] How do you debug?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jul 2003 13:24:34 -0400


> I'm dying to find out how well it will perform in contrast to the MS platform 
> and how much code needs changing. All indications are good so far with 50 
> straight reads from the content database (MS SQL Server 2000 on a clapped out 
> P II 400 with a shitty IDE hard drive) taking less than 2.5 seconds to 
> execute in total. The ASPX part is going to be the challenging section I 
> suspect. If I can get good performance from Apache and the mod required to do 
> ASPX then they might at least consider using Linux/Apache at work rather than 
> being just an MS shop. Then it's only a push and a shove towards Open 
> Sourcing the CMS and acting as consultants for configuring and utilising it 
> rather than trying to sell a CMS in a crowded marketplace.

I think we might want to tune the Apache support for Mono ASP.NET, as
various other people have pointed out a few limitations on the current code.