[Mono-list] remoting mono with MS' CLR?

Thong (Tum) Nguyen tum@veridicus.com
Tue, 8 Jul 2003 15:20:36 +1200

Hi Miguel,

I can understand the need to interop with MS.NET, but I don't think
sterilization compatibility is an easy goal.  It's no easy task to
replicate internal, implementation specific details from MS.NET.  If MS
upgrade ArrayList then interop between MS.NET versions will be broken as

The solution is to use the same collections package on both runtimes
and/or use a more customized serialization format (e.g. XML).

PS. Java has the same problems with serialization.


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> Hello,
> > Serializing the collection classes would require the collection
> > to be an exact clone of the Microsoft classes.  Not only do the
> > names have to match exactly, but the underlying implementation
> > (how/when/where those fields are used) has to match exactly too.
> Good point Thong.
> In a few cases, we might be able to change the implementation to match
> the Microsoft runtime behavior, to maximize interop.  It is not
> but at least worth trying.
> Miguel
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