[Mono-list] Problem with NUnit

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
Tue, 8 Jul 2003 10:42:11 -0400

I had something similar happen to me once. My problem was that the
runtime for nunit was using a different NUnit.Framework.DLL than the one
I used to compile.

Syncing those versions cleaned things up. For the curious, one version
was compiled in .NET 1.1, the other in .NET 1.0.

Philippe Lavoie


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Hi all,

I'm not able to get my test units running
on Linux. They are correct (they do work
with .NET on Windows); here's an example:

namespace Gekkota.Core.Tests
  using Gekkota.Core;
  using NUnit.Framework;

  public class NetConverterTest
    public void SByteFieldToByteArray()

    public void DoubleFieldToByteArray()

When trying to execute my test units on Linux,
I always get the following error message:

NUnit 2.0 Error:
build/gekkota-debug/bin/Gekkota.Core.Tests.dll has no TestFixtures

... but my dll does contain TestFixtures.

Any idea? Is there a work around?
I'm using the very last version of mono/mcs from CVS.



Giuseppe Greco


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