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Sergio Blanco Cuaresma sergio-blanco@iespana.es
09 Jul 2003 16:28:26 +0200

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El mar, 08 de 07 de 2003 a las 20:58, Timothy Parez escribi=F3:
> Hi,
> I'm using Red Hat 9.
> I have Mono and I have Wine (working correctly).
> I followed the instructions for the Wine OpenLib patches and it
> installed.=20
> Now when I run an application wich uses SWF I get:
> ... a lot of output.....
> ** (string2bytes.exe:6002): WARNING **: Failed to load library
> /libuser32.dll.so (user32.dll): ./libuser32.dll.so: cannot open shared
> object file: Onbekend bestand of map
> What am I doing wrong ?
> Btw, this is a simple SWF application with 2 textboxes and a button.

Before executing the application try to do that:

export SWF=3D1

And then execute. Have you done this steps before? Can you share your
code to test it in my system? :-)


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