[Mono-list] Why doesn't mcs generate XML documentation?

Markus Bertheau twanger@bluetwanger.de
12 Jul 2003 10:08:32 +0200

=D0=92 =D0=A1=D0=B1=D1=82, 12.07.2003, =D0=B2 07:01, Giuseppe Greco =D0=BF=
> > Giuseppe Greco wrote:
> > To get all your documentation into one file: Doxygen can generate the=20
> > additional files needed by hcc, needed to generate compiled HTML Help.
> > Works quite well. It also appears to be able to generate PDF files, but=
> > I have to admit that I have not used this option yet.
> If you want to product PDF or PS documents, you have to let Doxygen
> generate LaTeX source files; then, you can process them whit LaTeX.
> You can also generate man documentation.

With xml docbook you can generate pfds directly through fop.

Markus Bertheau.
Berlin, Berlin.