[Mono-list] Pl.clarify

Hariharan N. Hariharan@esh.saraelgi.com
Tue, 8 Jul 2003 16:33:09 +0530


I am a .Net developer and having less knowledge in Linux.
I am not much familier with linux commands. I have installed=20
Red Hat Linux ver 9.0 in one machine. I have done DNS and apache
server configrations in that machine.
we are using windows 2000 for our dot.net developments.
I don't know further steps, how to deploy my asp.net (aspx) pages in =
Linux machine.
Any one can please mail me the instructions in Step-by-Step format, so =
I can install and run my aspx pages on linux machine.
In this url http://www.go-mono.com/download.html they are given lot ot =
links to be download
for Red Hat 9.0/x86. I got confused.
Hope I will get a good result.
thanks & regards