AW: [Mono-list] array casts in mint

Dietmar Maurer
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:35:16 +0200

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> Von: Sam Clegg []=20
> Gesendet: Freitag, 11. Juli 2003 15:30
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> Betreff: [Mono-list] array casts in mint
> The attached code works in mono but fails in mint.  Seems=20
> that mint can't cast from Object[] to Array.
> Is this a bug?  Is there much interest in fixing bugs in the=20
> interpreter now that mini is working?

Our first priority is the JIT. But we will try to fix it if you provide =
us with small test cases and post a bug report.

> I am interested in the interpreter because I am working on=20
> some optimisations that are better suited (at the moment=20
> anyway) to it. They involve runtime aggregation of remoting=20
> calls.  In the end, what I plan to do is, from with the JIT,=20
> select certain methods and run them through my optimising=20
> interpreter.  It looks like switching from JIT to interp at=20
> runtime is possible since they=20
> share most data structures.  Has anyone else tried to do thie before?

Why cant you work with the JIT?

- Dietmar