[Mono-list] C#/.NET Generics update and summary

Peter Sestoft sestoft@dina.kvl.dk
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:02:47 +0200 (CEST)

Stefan Matthias Aust wrote (in March 2003):

> >    run-time casts. Gyro, a reference implementation of Generic C#/CIL,
> >    is available as a patch to the Microsoft Shared Source CLI.
> Does Gyro already has the mentioned CLI 2.0 and is there a measurable 
> performance improvement?

Some measurements made on a early version of the MS generic CLR shows
that indeed there is a considerable speed-up for primitive type
instances of generic types.  See the statistics under sorting at

Gyro has a complete implementation of generics in the style of the
real MS CLR as far as I know, but the above-mentioned measurements,
although old by now, are probably more indicative of the real CLR.

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