[Mono-list] Problems getting my usercontrol to work in Mono 0.25 / xsp 0.4

Eric Veltman eric@veltman.nu
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 00:04:49 +0200

Hello everyone,

I took a usercontrol from the office to home to see how it would work on Mono 
and I've come across some issues till now. Herewith some information about 2 
of them. I hope to mail information about another problem tomorrow.

1. System.Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList doesn't have a SelectedValue 
property. SelectedValue has been introduced in FrameWork 1.1, so I guess you 
didn't ( fully ) implement that yet ? Would be nice if this property would be 
added, because it's much more convenient than using SelectedItem.Value for 
getting the SelectedValue and using a combination of .Items.IndexOf() and 
setting SelectedIndex for setting the SelectedValue.

2. When I tried to run a page containing the usercontrol after making changes 
to work around problem #1, I got something like :

/tmp/tmp1b02b4db.cs(126,0) : error CS0029: Cannot convert implicitly from 
`string' to `string[]'
Line 126:             __ctrl.Font.Names = "Verdana";

It seems like it's trying to set a string array property with a string value.
When I removed the Font-Names attribute and value from the ascx file, the aspx 
and ascx rendered, though not yet correcty, but I'll come back on that later.

Best regards,

Eric Veltman

P.S. I this the correct way for posting bug reports / change requests ?