[Mono-list] Compiling on cyginw

Hervé Poussineau poussine@freesurf.fr
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:06:32 +0200

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Date : mercredi 16 juillet 2003 15:00
Objet : [Mono-list] Compiling on cyginw

>Please somebody that can compile mono on cygwin directly from CVS with no
>modification, please come forward!  And that is broken since before the
>release, and has not been fixed since.  How did you build the 'official
>The error is the well known issue with the autoconf version confict:
>Checking automake version
>Found automake version 1.7.5
>Automake version new enough.
>Not installing pkgconfig, you already seem to have it installed
>Installing glib...
>Installing glib-dev...
>Installing iconv...
>Installing intl...
>Installing gc-dev...
>Fixing up the pkgconfig paths
>Building and installing mono
>Running libtoolize...
>Running aclocal -I /CVS-Repositories/go-mono.com/install/share/aclocal  ...
>Running autoheader...
>Running automake --gnu  ...
>Running autoconf ...
>Running libgc/autogen.sh ...
>Running aclocal -I /CVS-Repositories/go-mono.com/install/share/aclocal  ...
>Running automake --gnu  ...
>Running autoconf ...
>FATAL ERROR: Autoconf version 2.50 or higher is required for this script
>**Error**: autoconf failed.
>> autoconf --version
>autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.57
>Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.
>Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
>This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO
>Autoconf version 2.13
>This is autoconf-wrapper, which will hand off execution
>to one of the two real versions listed above, depending
>on the contents of configure.in/configure.ac.  Since the
>wrapper was called from within a directory in which those
>files are not found, this generic 'version' message is

(sorry for my English)
I wanted to do a compile how to for Cygwin.
Here is how to start :

1) Install SDK .NET (http://www.microsoft.com/net)
2) Download Cygwin installer at : http://www.cygwin.com/setup.exe
3) Do a default install, and add some packages :
- autoconf (3)
- automake (3)
- bison
- cvs
- gcc
- libiconv
- libtool (3)
- make
- unzip
- wget
4) Copy Cygwin/usr/autotool/devel/bin/autoconf into Cygwin/bin (erase
existing file autoconf 2.13 by autoconf 2.57)
5) Start Cygwin
6) Download install script at http://www.go-mono.org/mono-build-w32.sh into
7) Under Cygwin, write command ./mono-build-win32.sh

8) *BUT !* I can't go further because I have a compile error with
socket-io.c: In function `convert_sockopt_level_and_name':
socket-io.c:396: `SOL_IPV6' undeclared (first use in this function)

I've seen on mono-devel-list some messages about this problem, so I wanted
to wait a few days before publishing this how to.


PS: if you want, you can change it into good English and push it into
monobook (monkeyguide).