[Mono-list] MS .NET compatability

Jackson Harper jackson@latitudegeo.com
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:22:16 -0700

First off you might want to read this....and everything else on that =
page ;-)

Libraries compiled with MS .NET will work with Mono assumming they are =
fully managed, and don't do things like PInvoke to windows specific =


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You're probably asked this question frequently:

Is the plan to at least have a Mono equivalent of the .NET Framework?  =
If I
develop an application in the .NET IDE and compile it, will it/should it =
in a Mono environment?  To me that would be the most important function.

Am I correct in assuming the DLLs will need to be recompiled?  (Unless
they're in IL, I suppose.)

Good luck with the project!  I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.
Being able to run our .NET application under different OSs is an =


Norm Dotti
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