[Mono-list] Monodoc & Co.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
18 Jul 2003 12:43:34 -0400


> I was able to successfully generate the files
> monodoc requires (*.source, *.tree, and *.zip).
> Now the question is: is there a way to automatically
> update the monodoc.xml file? To see my document I
> had to manually add an entry into monodoc.xml...

It is an common mistake (that I should fix) to have all the
documentation use a new node.  Documentation should hook up to the best
node.  In your case it might be "various".

To do this, edit your .source file to point to the node.

That is the "path" component in your .source file.

> Second question:
> How can I generate plain HTML with assembler.exe?

the assembler only compiles the data, but it wont render it;  To do
that, you have to use the browser.exe (or its dll).  Look at the `mod'
script, it is just a front-end to it.