[Mono-list] C# & AIX Compatibility!!

Simon Kitching simon@ecnetwork.co.nz
23 Jul 2003 09:57:23 +1200

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 00:35, Jonathan Pryor wrote:

> Which leaves (*gasp*) the option of rewriting the code in C++.  Or,
> trying to convince your client to use Linux on Intel hardware, instead
> of AIX.
> As far as the "rewrite in C++" route goes, I'm not aware of any articles
> or websites that suggest how to go about this.  I wouldn't think it
> particularly difficult, however, unless heavy use of System.Reflection
> or the runtime infrastructure is used (e.g. AppDomains, loading
> Assemblies at runtime, use of System.Object.GetType(), etc.).  I am not
> aware of any C++ equivalent for the runtime infrastructure.

It may well be easier to port a C# application to Java than to C++.
While the surface syntax of C# is closer to c++ than java, the
underlying language concepts are very similar to java. In particular,
the fact that java also has garbage-collection will likely save a lot of
grief for you.