[Mono-list] Building mono/mcs

Peter Williams peter@newton.cx
22 Jul 2003 21:23:24 -0400

Hi John,

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 18:55, John BouAntoun wrote:
> ..
> a) Does the new build system make the old README files invalid now (or
> at least change some of them)?

We have been trying to keep them accurate. mcs/INSTALL.txt and
mcs/build/README.* are good, I know; I think mcs/README.building needs

> b) Would it be possible to make 1 penultimate building instructions
> file that is constantly kept up to date. (I would be quite happy to
> organise this into a fluently read English document if someone could
> provide me with all the relevant instructions and caveats in the right
> order).

Yeah, things are pretty disorganized right now. My personal inclination
would be to work with INSTALL.txt and just change README.building to be
"See INSTALL.txt"

The main problem is that the documentation addresses two different major

	1) How to build MCS -- this has now gotten fairly simple
	2) How to keep the runtime and MCS in sync -- this is still hard.


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