[Mono-list] Modifying Base Class of Mono

apwilson@rogers.com apwilson@rogers.com
Mon, 28 Jul 2003 10:14:38 -0400

I wasn't sure if this email was appropriate for the question I have, if not if anyone could direct me to where I should ask a question about mono that would be great.

How can I modify one of the base classes of the C# environment and use the modifications when using mono to execute a C# program?

I am a graduate student doing some research into C#.  I am trying to add some functionality to the ArrayList class under System.Collections.  Originally, I was using the Microsoft Shared Source.  I would modify the source code for the ArrayList class and rebuild everything and then I could use whatever I have added to the ArrayList collection in a C# program.  
I have since moved to a Linux system and switched to Mono as it is much faster than the MS shared source.  
So I guess the question is: where is (or is there) the source code for the C# base classes located in the mono source code, and what would I have to do to use any changes I make to that source code?

Any help or information any of you could provide me with would be much appreciated.

Andrew P. Wilson
University of Toronto