[Mono-list] XSP web server (0.6)

Víctor Jalencas vjalencas@planeta-actimedia.es
Tue, 7 Oct 2003 19:07:40 +0200

Yes, I did, but wasn't sure if mod_mono 0.5 was new enough for xsp 0.6

After modifying mod_mono.c to log more info to the apache log (thanks to
jonatan cortés), I've seen that the apache user (www in FreeBSD) does not
have enough permissions to read the /tmp/mod_mono_server socket, which I
launched as root or as myself. If I modify the permissions of the file while
mod_mono_server is running, I get 'connection refused'.

The user www does not have a login shell so it is not trivial (not
desirable) to change this and launch mod_mono_server as www, so I've ended
up modifying the socket location to end up in a directory owned by www's
group and with the sticky bit so it is readable and writeable by it.
Currently, after the first request, top shows mono is eating more than 98%
of the CPU. Any ideas?

TIA for any help


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El mar, 07-10-2003 a las 14:51, Víctor Jalencas escribió:
> Does XSP 0.6 run with mod_mono 0.5? If not, the download page should
> be updated as they are listed in the same release. If yes, how can I
> debug what is the problem making them not work? On a FreeBSD machine,
> I get internal server errors but the Apache server log gives no
> indication they are even returned

Yes, they work together.

Have you read the INSTALL file and followed those steps?


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