[Mono-list] Performance of Mono 2.10 vs. Mono 3.0

Charles Esterbrook Charles at charles-esterbrook.com
Sat Jan 19 10:40:16 UTC 2013


I have a benchmark for my project which takes the following number of
milliseconds to run based on System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch, expressed
in ranges:

Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.9 (tarball Mon May  7 20:25:51 EDT 2012)
	6888 - 6943 - default gc / boehm
	5850 - 5932 - sgen

Mono JIT compiler version 3.0.3 (master/39c48d5 Tue Jan  8 12:12:24 EST 2013)
	9815 - 9892 - default gc / boehm
	8454 - 8502 - sgen

My system is Mac OS X 10.6.8, Intel Xeon. I shut down web browsers,
cloud services and other apps to reduce interference, and I also ran
multiple times, hence the ranges.

The slowdown is about 40%. My program does a variety of things
including loading assemblies, reflection, file i/o, string processing,
data structures, etc. I have not yet investigated to see if some parts
are slowing down more than others.

What about other people on this list? If you test the performance of
your apps between Mono 2.10 and 3.0, is there a change? How much and
in what direction?

For your convenience:

Charles Esterbrook

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