[Mono-ue] compile error: UProperty Category

Duane Wandless duane at wandless.net
Sat Nov 1 18:51:29 UTC 2014

I'm trying to implement the simple getting started
<http://mono-ue.github.io/getting-started.html> example on Win64.  I
receive these compile errors, http://pastebin.com/H3fsXJ1k.

The compile is failing on these two lines (full source
[UProperty(Category = "Static Mesh")]
public Subobject<StaticMeshComponent> MeshComponent { get; set; }
MeshComponent = pcip.CreateDefaultSubobject<StaticMeshComponent>(this, new

UProperty does not contain Category (UProperty from Assembly browser
<http://pastebin.com/vRjm9RkJ>).  And no signature matches on pcip.  If I
remove Category and modify the signature to be
CreateDefaultSubobject...(new Name("...") I am able to get the C# code to
impact the UE project, though hot reload does not work.

Any ideas on why the bindings are incomplete?


Also- well done on the past few years!
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