[Mono-ue] What to do when API not available ?

Petter Hansson me at petterhansson.se
Sat Nov 8 23:48:56 UTC 2014


what are my options if a particular Unreal API has not been exposed to C#? I need to do a lot of modification to my own game mode (i.e. derived from AGameMode), and just a few of its virtual functions have been exposed for ShooterGame. I presume I can somehow complete the bindings myself using MonoScriptGenerator, how would I go about that? Quick-fixing this particular issue via writing a C++ plugin is something I'd like to avoid (preferring a proper fix) as having a native component for what should be a managed library is somewhat counter-intuitive.

I've been drafted to implement a C# networking lib to Unreal so my Unreal knowledge is not all that awesome. :) Getting it running inside Mono was easy, it's an entirely different matter fitting it into the Unreal engine framework...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Petter Hansson
petter.hansson at muchdifferent.com

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