[Mono-ue] Updated version of Mono for UnrealEngine 4 v4.7

Ryan Burnham nitro52 at iinet.net.au
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Mono for Unreal Engine is still in a pre-release version, they mentioned
earlier that they want to get it in a stable state with 4.4 before
attempting to update it to the latest version. But I guess to do that they
need people using it and providing feedback. Someone else might be able to
give you an updated roadmap. 


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Hello All,

    This is my first contact so I would like to say hello to all.

My new company is starting its journey into the gaming industry using the
Unreal Engine 4 v4.7 I just learned today that Mono has released the C#
version to integrate into Unreal Engine just like they did for Unity 3D.

This was a great find for me and my company as we prefer to use C# than 

My only issue at this moment was the fact documents suggest it will only
work with UE4 v4.4

Can anyone confirm this to be the case?

Can anyone point me in the right direction of later versions that may work
with UE4 4.7?

Information is appreciated.

Thank you
Gary Lehan
Nth Degree Games LLP
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