[Mono-ue] Compiling first objects

Gaëtan Le Barbé gaetan.lebarbe at malkyrs.com
Thu May 21 07:29:58 UTC 2015

Hi David,
I only followed the instructions on the official website of the project, 
therefore it is compiled with Unreal Engine 4.4. I would share any built 
ressource in my possesion, but I am not sure to have the legal right to 
do so, I believe Epic and Xamarin terms of use prevent me to do it.

Le 20/05/2015 23:06, David Ford a écrit :
> Hi Gaetan - if this is with the latest Unreal are you able to give us 
> any steps for compilation, and would you be able to provide a download 
> link for the compiled plugin ?  This would help a lot of us in the 
> community that don't have time or resources to compile it ourselves.
> I have to say that I believe that either someone from the Mono team or 
> Unreal team could probably do this as part of the Unreal release 
> process, so that the need to have N people perform the compilation 
> process becomes just 1...
> Thanks  ! - David
> On 21 May 2015 at 01:08, Gaëtan Le Barbé <gaetan.lebarbe at malkyrs.com 
> <mailto:gaetan.lebarbe at malkyrs.com>> wrote:
>     My bad, I found how to solve the problem, I just had to set the
>     solution configuration to Development Editor, and set the platform
>     to Win64. This is written in the installation process to build
>     with Visual studio, but not in getting started.
>     Gaëtan Le Barbé
>     Le 20/05/2015 16:21, Gaëtan Le Barbé wrote :
>>     Hello everyone,
>>     I succeeded in building Mono for Unreal and creating a first
>>     project.
>>     But each time I try to build this project I get missing assembly
>>     or reference for everything related to Unreal like this:
>>     " usingUnrealEngine.Runtime; "
>>     " \Unreal
>>     Projects\Iriel_GUI_Unreal\Source\Iriel_GUI_UnrealMono\EngineLoader.cs(7,7):
>>     Error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'UnrealEngine' could not
>>     be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly
>>     reference?) (CS0246) (Iriel_GUI_UnrealMono)"
>>     Indeed, the assemblies do not appear to be referenced by the
>>     project. But this is not explained in the "getting started" page
>>     on the website and I do not know where to find them.
>>     Thanks in advance for any help.
>>     Gaëtan Le Barbé
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