[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop brother

Christoph Wille christophw@alphasierrapapa.com
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:14:16 +0200

Our stance is clear and very simple to understand: we do not include 
closed-source "add-ons" with the #develop distribution - even if they are 
free as in beer. Only open source tools are included in the bits that can 
be downloaded.

We do not stop anyone from downloading other free tools.

Senior Project Wrangler, #develop

At 04:07 PM 6/28/2004, Allan Edwards wrote:
>Yeah, I knew of Mike, my company writes a bug tracking system for .NET but 
>we don't do GPL or open source.  I wnated to give away the software on the 
>personal edition for hte windows platform but Mike and the #develop group 
>did not see that as a help to all of the community since I was not open 
>source.   I felt that having  a powerful enterprise level bug tracking 
>software package for personal projects would have been  a great tool for 
>them.  But, they seem a bit closed minded.
>Christoph Wille wrote:
>>At 03:54 PM 6/28/2004, Tom McCubbin wrote:
>>>monodevelop is GPL'd.  The team seams quite happy to allow its use for 
>>>other GPL'd software...NOT for commercial software.
>>MD is a port of #develop; Mike, Bernhard and myself are on the #develop 
>>team. Just to avoid confusion who said what.