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Tom McCubbin tmccubbin@tggsolutions.com
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:14:08 -0400

Black Fox wrote:

>>  I am honestly impressed with what they have done and hoped we could 
>> give developes an end to end free development solution but they did 
>> not see it that way.
> Maybe they want a "Libre" (free as in speech) end to end solution ? And
> not only a free as in beer one ?
>> And don't kid yourself man.  Unix and Linux people hate Microsoft.  
>> If you argue with that, you are an idiot.
> OK, like the one you are answering i'm an idiot :D
> I have read they hate Microsoft,
> they are Unix and Linux people,
> so all Unix and Linux people hate MSFT.
> Dogs are mortal,
> socrate is mortal,
> so socrate is a dog.

I never knew socrates was a dog...cool!  (good retort :)

>> If it was not Microsoft, it would be some other EVIL company.  And 
>> the really funny part is Red Hat and all of these other companies 
>> making money off a bunch of really sharp kids that can code real 
>> well.  That is the funniest part, they trade another evil company 
>> they helped build for free via their hours of effort on code other 
>> companies are going to sell.
> Red Hat sell services (Support, documentations, esay to use packaging,
> certifications like oracle one), any economic student could say you that
> if they was only selling free (as in speech) softwares they will have
> problems as the product is aviable for free (as in beer) on the market.
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