[MonoDevelop] version issue

Jim Bodkins JimBodkins at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 19:41:12 EDT 2008


   This is just a comment. I appreciate the developers work - this is to 
them, not lurkers.

   I am required to use an unmodified centrist distro - CentOS(3-4). 
Centrist distros not only do not have cutting edge libraries, they never 
will. As long as developers use cutting edge libraries - centrist 
distros are bypassed. I dont recall having these issues wtih Unix. 
Perhaps its a consequence of community developement - after all who 
could reasonably ask someone that has donated time to use older 
libraries. (Either developers simply choose to use the latest libs - 
which arent available to unmodified distos - or they need functionality 
that isnt available otherwise, which speaks to the immaturity of linux 
in general. - I know that happens in some cases)

   The punch line is - while I had planned to - I cant use monodevelop 
(or most other things - anjuta or 'fixed - nondeprecated' gnome/gtk+ etc 

   I often wonder if issues like this are one of the reasons that linux 
hasnt been more broadly adopted than it has. I am not a fan of windows, 
but I have never had this problem with windows.

   As I said, just a comment. You have a smaller audience than you might 
otherwise wish. (Its not just you, it seems to be pervasive from the 
gnome/gtk folks up). Sorry, I am just bummed. I can smell windows in my 
future. :(

thanks for the work

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