[MonoDevelop] Further findings re my inability to run MonoDevelop

Brett Senior brett_senior at yahoo.com.au
Wed Apr 9 01:08:25 EDT 2008

Further information re my inability to run monodevelop (compiled from source) - without it aborting after the splash screen is displayed and then the main window shows for a bit and then monodevelop crashes badly.  I was looking at the debug/trace type options and found --trace.  For reasons unknown when I use --trace the program runs fine - but when I do not have it the program crashes quite spectacularly.  So does anybody know what the difference is between running monodevelop (via monodevelop.exe and mono) using --trace and without any options ?  Also note that I can run existing windows applications using mono and they run fine.  Maybe I should forget about monodevelop and go back to windows/visual studio - as at least they run and I can develop !
Brett Senior

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