[MonoDevelop] Lucene-based full-text search

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky serge.lobanovsky at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 17:35:44 EDT 2010

Hello Michael,

> I can't think of anything offhand, it was just an idea that had been
> thrown around ("wouldn't it be awesome if searches were instant?").
> Other ideas in the same area would be
> * indexing all references to make "find references" instant - though
> maybe thsi could be done in pidb files rather than lucene

Been thinking of that, too. Great minds think alike, lol

In my previous experience I had been a total VS.NET <http://vs.net/> fan,
until recently when I picked up ActionScript, Java/Scala and the IntelliJ
IDEA rocks, enough said :) So I am going to use it as the source of ideas.
 And it totally looks like the fulltext index + probably some AST parsing
are the cornerstone for most productivity tools. That's why I decided to
start with the Lucene integration task.

> * some kind of global search (project, files, panels, docs, commands)
> like QT Creator and VS Productivity Tools
> (
> http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2010/08/03/quick-access-extension.aspx
> )

Will need to take a look.

> - lucene would totally make sense for this, especially as MonoDoc docs
> already have NLucene indexes
> I'd love to hear any more ideas you have for improving usability and
> productivity!

The very basic ideas I have found very useful are:

1) Quick open (Ctrl-Shift-N in IDEA), where you start typing either the
capital letters or the full name of the file you wanna find, and it gives
you a live list of files to jump to.
2) IDEA-style of the Find all references feature - as opposed to a flat list
similar to VS.NET/MD <http://vs.net/MD>, it gives you a hierarchical list
grouped by usage type and source file
3) Then I'd love to introduce the smart tags feature - MD lacks it and it's
a pain to manually include all the namespaces you need :), but that's a
longer term shot.

In case you need some testing from me, my setup is:

Ubuntu 10.04 on a 4GB 2-core HP ProBook 4710s
MonoDevelop from the trunk (not sure how this is called in the Git terms, I
don't have previous Git experience so learning something new here as well :)
Mono 2.8 from the trunk as well
All other dependencies (Gtk#, Gnome#, etc) built from sources

-- Sergey
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