[MonoDevelop] Lucene-based full-text search

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Oct 15 11:39:36 EDT 2010


2. However, when it comes to searching the source code a dilemma arises. On
> the one hand, there is the AST tree in MD which is used for all operations
> including usage search, etc. On the other hand, if Lucene is integrated into
> the product, it naturally (at least in my opinion) should become the central
> search service, to be used by other subsystems, such as refactoring, usage
> search, etc.

I do not think you should use the AST as your source of information, it
could for instance be incomplete if the source does not parse.

It would also be limiting with languages that have no AST, so I would just
search the full text of the sources.

Keep it simple, and then if it needs tuning, do the tuning.

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