[MonoDevelop] Nunit testing in monodevelop using mono 2.8 runtime

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 09:56:44 EDT 2010

El dt 26 de 10 de 2010 a les 06:20 -0700, en/na dman1264 va escriure:
> When attempting to either run unit tests from within the MonoDevelop built-in
> test runner or trying to debug an assembly, I noticed the following when
> using the Mono 2.8 runtime on windows xp professional.
> When I run the same tests on Mac OS x and open SUSE with Mono 2.8 runtime
> they run fine.   
> 1. MonoDevelop issued the following stack trace within a TestResult.xml
> output file...
> Couldn't create a remote process.
> at MonoDevelop.Core.Execution.ProcessHostController.CreateInstance(String
> assemblyPath, String typeName, String[] addins)
>    at
> MonoDevelop.Core.Execution.ProcessService.CreateExternalProcessObject(Type
> type, IExecutionHandler executionHandler)
>    at MonoDevelop.NUnit.NUnitAssemblyTestSuite.RunUnitTest(UnitTest test,
> String suiteName, String testName, TestContext testContext)
>    at MonoDevelop.NUnit.NUnitAssemblyTestSuite.OnRun(TestContext
> testContext)
>    at MonoDevelop.NUnit.UnitTest.Run(TestContext testContext)
> 2. By looking at the standard Windows Task Manager and viewing processes and
> resources, I noticed the following...
> MonoDevelop gets an exception when attempting to launch a remote Mono.exe
> process for the built-in NUnit test runner. Thereafter the MonoDevelop IDE
> behaves very slowly and the performance of the machine is degraded.  The
> page fault graph shows lots of activity and I suspect that all the free
> memory has been consumed.  I further noticed that there was indeed a
> Mono.exe process running in addition to the MonoDevelop.exe process. It
> seems that Windows Explorer and Mono.exe are competing 
> for resources and driving up page faults   Although the process explorer
> didn't show it initially, when Mono.exe was explicitly killed there was
> suddenly 850 MB more free RAM and the page fault metric became
> reasonable. performance returned to normal
>   1.I guess one question is has anyone else seen this behavior on windows
> platform with mono 2.8 runtime.

Some users reported issue with NUnit on windows, but I can't tell if the
issue is the same.

>   2.Is there a way to make nunit 2.5 work in the GUI runner?

Not right now. You'll have to wait for a new MonoDevelop update.


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