[mono-android] Building a package with a jar bindings library strips the jar file from the assembly

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Sun Dec 1 21:49:53 UTC 2013

On Nov 28, 2013, at 11:29 AM, Vladimir Dimitrov <vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com> wrote:
> So after looking at the classes.dex it turns out that this library types are not in there. Having in mind that this mean that "that's a problem. :-)" what should be done to fix this problem?

1. Determine which .jar those types come from.
2. Ensure that "somehow" that .jar is included within your app.

(2) has a variety of solutions. You could use AndroidJavaLibrary within the Application project, EmbeddedJar or EmbeddedReferenceJar within a Binding project, or <uses-library/> if it's a "platform-provided" type (this is the case for Google Maps v1, and certain Amazon libraries IIRC, meaning those types will _never_ appear within classes.dex, and that's OK.)

 - Jon

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