[MonoTouch] MonoTouch Generics Support

Eric Maupin ermau88 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:04:26 EDT 2009

After discussing it in the IRC channel some, I seem a bit confused
about the state of generics in MonoTouch. The wiki only lists LINQ as
not working, but it would seem that the reality is there's a
fundamental flaw in the AOT compilation of generics to the point where
I'm not sure what works and what doesn't. As I have no way to test on
the hardware, I can't test what works and what doesn't manually. I
know LINQ support is listed as a 2.0 feature, but personally I feel
that this is a giant hole that should be plugged as soon as possible.
At absolute minimum I'd like to see detailed documentation about
exactly what works and what doesn't (in scenarios at least, so someone
can derive whether something would work or not), and some kind of AOT
compiler error about the issue. Honestly I'd like to see proper
generics in 1.0, but I understand that is is probably not likely.

If someone could clarify the issue, it would be appreciated.

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