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Christian Beaumont chris at foundation42.org
Wed Aug 12 04:53:53 EDT 2009


Phew!  I finally got my sprite sample to the point where I can share it.
Sorry for the delay but I ran into a nasty problem where the application
would terminate abruptly after just a few seconds.  After hours and hours of
tedious fiddling I have narrowed it down to what seems like a field layout
issue or something related in MonoTouch.

Specifically, if you open Main.cs you will see a bunch of member variables
at the top of the class.  I've set up a preprocessor conditional that lets
you order them two different ways around.  The default works but if you use
the other layout the application crashes after a few seconds running (I
assume at the point of the first garbage collect).   Hopefully the sample is
of some use in tracking this down.  It could be my fault (the app uses some
native buffers and unsafe code) but I doubt it because I've been through the
code with a fine tooth comb.  Also, it works fine on the simulator and in my
windows version.

Anyway, on to the application - get it here...


The application spawns a bunch of particles at startup and more when you tap
or drag your finger over the display.  If you *double-tap the display it
toggles particle trails on and off*.  The big particles rotate and bounce
off the floor.  When the big particles die they send off secondary "sparks".

I only have access to the iPhone 3G at the moment.  If someone could try it
on a 3GS that would be super.  I'd love to know how long the startup time is
and if it seems snappier than on the 3G.

In the code you will find a reusable SpriteManager and ParticleManager that
I hope people find useful.  It's pretty simple to use and provides something
like a C API for adding sprites and particles.  If you take a look at the
code in MyParticleSystem.cs you'll see how new sprites/particles are

Also, you will notice it is a MonoDevelop application and shows setting up a
startup image "Default.png" and disabling the status bar with an Info.plist
(Thanks Simon/Hutch for help with that).

If you have any interest in reusing the core sprite/particle code I only ask
that you leave the license headers in-tact and provide credits since I've
worked pretty hard on it.  Apart from that, please feel free to use it as
you wish in commercial or non-commercial projects. I also have the sprite
animation code and sprite based text rendering code that goes with it but
I've decided that I'd rather not give that away at the moment.

If this can go in the stock MonoTouch samples at some point I'd be over the
moon :)

Any feedback, good or bad - send it my way.

cheers and enjoy,
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