[MonoTouch] Two questions

Christophe Leske info at multimedial.de
Mon Aug 17 06:54:57 EDT 2009

Hi there,

I just downloaded the files needed and started doing the HelloIPhone  
tutorial, yet there are a couple of issues. I am sure however that  
these have already been reported somewhere by someone, so I would be  
very grateful to get a hint where to find the info needed.

I am on a Mac Book Pro, 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB running Leopard.

- where in MonoDevelop can I find the date and version of the app? I  
downloaded MonoDevelop 2.2 Alpha for OSX (http://go-mono.com/archive/MonoDevelop-MonoTouch-Preview-20090806-2.dmg 

Is this the latest one available? If not, where can I find the latest  
This version also shows strange characters when I try to write code  
using a german keyboard (rectangular boxes which won t disappear even  
when bachspacing or deleting - they do not impact the code however).

- the helloIPhone project shows that after creating the HelloIPhone  
Window in Interface Builder, there should be three IDs: one for the  
label, one for the button and one for the window.

I only got 2 IDs, the window one is not connected to the Window  
(button and label are ok)

Also, the next section in the tutorial states that the code behind  
file related to the NIB just edited should always reflect changes made  
in the Interface builder, yet mine does not show that the label and  
button elements have been added - they are missing the code block like  
the one for the window (the mutator set).

- I added 2 more code blocks manually in that file for the label and  
the button

Adding the delegate code in Main.cs in order to make the button  
respond, makes the code compile alright in MonoDevelop, yet when I try  
to run the project in the Simulator, a tap on the icon does not launch  
the app. It starts and then dies right away without showing me the  
created GUI.

All in all, i feel like the "Hello IPhone" tutorial should be worked  
over. I can help out on that, if there is any need.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight I might be missing,

Christophe Leske

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