[MonoTouch] MonoTouch Beta 3

Geoff Norton GNorton at novell.com
Mon Aug 17 16:58:34 EDT 2009

Happy Monday Everyone,

   We have just released the third beta for MonoTouch available at:


Release Notes:
	- fixed alwaysBounceHorizontal typo
	- added bindings for NSAutoreleasePool
	- fixed #530807 (typo in UITableView)
	- fixed UIView.MovedToSuperview typo
	- fixed alignment of doubles in the cross compiler
	- add moutch --version command
	- Improve documentation import run at installation time
	- Add NSObject.InvokeOnMainThread () bindings.
	- fixed generic interface thunk code to not clobber IP register
	- fixed LINQ iterators with value types
	- added bindings to StoreKit
	- added bindings to SystemConfiguration
	- fixed linking of GenericComparer<> (#530961)
	- fixed null argument handling in runtime marshaller
	- fixed stackoverflow in PerformSelector call

As always please report any new bugs/requests to our bugzilla, see http://mono-project.com/MonoTouch_Beta 
  for more information



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